April Fools Pranks To Use All Year Round!

Get up in the middle of the night on April Fool's day, and set every clock in
the house ahead 1 hour. Along with your spouse's car clock, and their
wristwatch! This takes some talent!

Sure, they'll get up and ready for work an hour early, have no traffic
problems, and get a great parking spot, but probably be wondering why
all their co-workers are all late for work. As other people arrive, and
reply that they are not late, they'll catch on!

If they've been working all that time, they should be able to leave early,
which might spare you the wrath that night.
Brian R.

Swap your parents' dresser drawers.
Blair S.

In the housewares department, set each timer/appliance clock to go off
at short intervals, then continue shopping.
Beth P.

If you have a good natured boss! Call from a cell phone or your
workplace's lobby and say you are sick and can't come in, only to show up a
minute or so later at your desk like nothing happened.

If your employee does this to you Call them to the office and write them
up as if you have NO sense of humor about this at all, let them stew for a bit,
then give them a big APRIL FOOLS! as you rip up the report into confetti!

Here's one for next year, if you plan ahead now...

Buy a stack of newspapers dated April 1 and save them for a year. When
April 1 comes around again, sneak them into one of those newspaper
vending machines at a location where people will sit and read them after
purchase. Watch the faces of people read their year-old papers, and when
they realize the date on it!
Debra S.

If a co-worker is selling a car, leave a message that you're interested,
and the number for the local junkyard!
Michael R.

There's an incredibly striking resemblance between Cocoa Comets and
our dog's food! My husband is SUCH a good sport, so all was forgiven.
I think...
Linda C.

Early April first, put a memo into everyone's mailbox at work/ school that, due
to work on water mains, the building would be without water from 9 till noon that
morning, so please do not use the facilities. A few people will be suspicious, but
everyone complies quite nicely!
Ms. Z.

I'm sure there's a jokester family in your neighborhood, right? It's
time for a SURPRISE APRIL FOOLS DAY PARTY put on by the lady
of the house for the surprise on her husband. Make flyers to that effect,
requesting to keep it a secret and to just show up at 7:00 PM, bring
the kids because there would be popcorn and movies in the basement, and
please bring a finger food...she will be expecting them.

Deliver flyers to about 50 families in your neighborhood! Of course, the family
will have no idea about all this until 7:00 PM when a dozen families show up with kids
and finger food at the door! It's triple fun - get back the main prankster, get the people
who do show, and have an evening of fun and laughter, all
innocently..you're just a victim who showed up for the party, too!

Two words: Oreos. Toothpaste.
Martha B.

Hahahaha! Take Me back To The Rubber Room!

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