Straight Jacket Warehouse

They're all the rage in the Rubber Room and now you
can take home your very own Straight Jacket!

Oooo! Oooo! I want one! Tell me how!

** First browse the jackets available below. When you find the one you like, right click on it and choose Save As from the pop up menu. There are two sizes available in each style. Make sure you upload it to your server, then put it on your page!

**Next, Download the banner below by right clicking on it.


** Put this banner somewhere on the same page as your straight jacket and link it back to Red's Insanity... so others know where they can get their own fashionable jacket!

** Here's the code to use when linking the banner:

The Code

** That's it! You're now prepared to dress fashionably at any occasion!

The White Jacket The Small White Jacket
The Black Jacket The Small Black Jacket
The Rainbow Jacket The Small Rainbow Jacket
The Flaming Jacket The Small Flaming Jacket
The Black Flaming Jacket The Small Black Flaming Jacket
The Rose Jacket The Small Rose Jacket
The Red Jacket The Small Red Jacket
The Hearts Jacket The Small Hearts Jacket
The Blue Jacket The Small Blue Jacket
The Teddy Jacket The Small Teddy Jacket
The Plaid Jacket The Small Plaid Jacket
The TieDyed Jacket The Small TieDyed Jacket

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