You've Just Been Serenaded!

Someone is thinking about you
and wants you to know how they feel.
Return the favor and send this back to them,
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I know we're just like old friends.
we just can't pretend, that lovers
make amends.
we are reasons so unreal.we can't help but feel that something has been lost. but please you know you're just like me. next time I promise we'll be perfect. perfect.perfect.
strangers down the line. lovers out of time. memories unwind. so far I still know who you are. but now I wonder who I was angel you know it's not the end. we'll always be good friends. but the letters have been sent on. so please you always were so free. you'll see I promise we'll be perfect. perfect strangers when we meet. strangers on the street. lovers while we sleep.perfect. you know this has to be. we always were so free.we promised that we'd be.perfect.

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