Special Friends
A few thoughts....

"Love doesn't consist of looking only at each other,
but in looking outward together,
in the same direction."-- unknown


Sweet dear Thomas. I have only known you a short time and you have grown on me.
Your trust in people is amazing and although you sometimes feel it is a setback,
I believe it is a gift.
Never give up that faith, it will carry you through.
Also remember never to give up on you
and neither will I.

"Act as if you are courageous; if you will do this
you will become courageous."** Homer Croy


Ahh, the man in the tux! My friend from afar. You are the solid one.
You offer me strength and laughter, encouragement and a beer..hehe.
What more could I ask for? As we move on in our lives,
I thank you for sharing part of yours with me.
And yes, we will someday, have that game.

"An optimist is a fellow who takes the cold water thrown on his ideas,
heats it with enthusiasm, makes steam,
and pushes ahead."** unknown


My first online friend.
You've been in love, out, and in love again. Well, you deserve it.
Sweet, funny and charismatic. You deserve nothing but the best.
I wish you good luck in everything you do.
P.S. Be good or I'll tell how we really met.

" Some men still have their first dollar.
The man who is really rich is the one who
still has his first friend."** unknown

**Please note, with luck, this page is never ending. The list is in no particular order
and each friend I write of is of great significance.

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