One Drunken Night

wherer the fiuck id thomas and dem?

you are drunk off your ass...!!!!!! hehehehe dem was out here a little earlier.

where did he go? does he klnmowe where i am?
i am drunkl

i have no idea where he went to. and yes i know that you are drunk you cant type...hehehehe :)

i wanne jknowmwhere he is
ok i am drunk,, and i had a gooooood dtime

well your guess is as good as mine.....have you icqed him

yea, but he auntn there....rtwheres thioams

sounds like it...well looks like it by the way you are typeing

im laughing mt ass off

i dont know.....did they find your car and if so was it in one peice?

i8t was goiods

i got your mail

am in hrewere?

yes im here....what did you need help with?

im drink and want to want to fuck dem

OMG well have cyber sex.

how do you dddothA5T THAT

i dont know why dont you ask him

ask him what

how to cyber?


well it is the only way that i can think of that you can have sex with dem with him being over 2500 miles away...there is phone sex


well you asked for the help

i told him

what did he say


well ask him again

okk....what ami askinh

that you want to have sex with him



hes brb

i see

wheres thomas
hi baggz

i have no idea

what was my questiom

hi red

im drunk

where is dem
i know

hes here

are you talking to him...brb gotta get jerry cloths

yep talking ,, gotta go now.....i think



talk to you later

stop me!!!
did i day bye?

nope you are a big girl you can if you want to.



kk,,,, bye

you dont have to could stay here and chat to me.


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