Get his wallet!

great build on the site...

im not sure she wants my help,
or am i here to help her out if she needs it?

help her if she needs it
and help her out to make it look really good

not a problem...i breathe html, sleep it..think it..
no wait, i dont eat that shit!!..
and you dont wanna know what i do eat..

umm i dont think i want to know
about those tiny slimy bugs
oops thats me nevermind

i found a pic on your page to make a link with...

you did cool

will have it up on my site tonight...

ohh boy i still have to have yours added

uh oh, youre in trouble now...
no straight jacket for you tonight young man

please ive been so bad aghhh
ill kill another little puppy please????

make it a fuzzy wuzzy little kitten and ill let you look at it...

how about that brat next store??

hell, you can even take it home with you now..

little bastard bit me
but i have some teeth to make into a necklace now

need a shot for that?
i have some real pretty shiny needles...

nooo no needles!!!!!

just a little pin prick..
and youll feel reeeaalll gooood...

nooooo thats the same thing uncle chester said
but he lied

but i wouldnt lie to you....
im the nice lady in the white coat..


too late....and you didnt notice a thing

its purple horse shoes and the lucky green dog

ahhhhh.....all better.....


im not your mother you freak!!
what are you? some kinda psycho????????????

oopss sorry daddy?

yes son?

what are you same kind of pervert
get away from me you psycho
my daddy isnt purple and have his arms tied around his back

theyre not tied son...this just helps me to hold up my arms..
see theyre a little loose,
the accident you know,
the war..that bloody horrifying war!!
the images!! all those little children!!!
the pain!!
the screaming..i can hear it...
its getting louder!!!!!!louder!!!!!!!!!!!!
the flesh..that broken blistered flesh!!!
baking in the heated jungle....
hey, you hungry?

son: but dad i dont want to see grandma
father: shut up and keep digging

some car just crashed outside my house!

no shit?

no shit..a car in a tree..
crashed up the back,
theres an old man in the car and his wife,
ambulance aint here yet..

damn get there wallets quick

damn, theres 4 people walkin around the car like morons...
i gotta go see whats up..
before they let somebody die or something..
im probably the only with med experience

nooooooooo no needles

well hes on his way to the er...damn, and i forgot his wallet

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