Dust Demons

Alas no I'm afraid...see since I have started my trip to insanity...my house has been left to fend for itself, and well, the dustbunnies have now grown into dust demons and are running amuck all over the place!!

oh no...you must get out your magic dustdemon spray..(pledge)...i will save you!

It no longer matters..I am insane remember? LOL!! Not to say I didn't try to tame the Dust Demons...but these short maniacs have some other type of magic that is stronger than mine..cause when I turn around the Dust Demons I sprayed were back!!!!!!!!

oh shit..you must make a sacrifice!! that is the only way...

Hmmm a sacrifice? I cannot give the children...they are Dust Demon Gods..it would anger them if I did...
I'd sacrifice the cat, but since the oldest of the Demon Gods came into my house..she has been hiding very well.
I'd make an offering of food..but there again I'm afraid I have none...the children have eaten every thing that hasn't moved...and I went shopping yesterday!!!

the only recourse is the "sacrifice of the socks" lost mates, alas it must be a virgin sock, never to have touched a toe...never to have smelled the perfume of the athlete..

A virgin sock without a mate???? I have never seen such a creature!!!
Although I've heard myths that they exsist someplace deep in the back store room at KMart, but no one will substantiate that claim!!
How do I catch such a sacrifice??

you must lay a trap...tools you will need...a dryer...in a cool dark place...

to tempt a virgin sock, you must have something she wants........

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